Recycling Program

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Return your plastic packaging to us on a new order and we will recycle everything for you for free.  Purafyre and Certified Green Cleaning take pride in being environmentally responsible and looking for solutions that help the environment at every opportunity. 

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Our Commitment to the Environment

Our products are safe for children, your whole staff, all sizes of animals, crops and the environment. Our disinfectant is based on Electrolyzed Water and eliminates a wide range of viruses, bacteria, mold, protozoa, yeast and fungi.

Continuing to Improve our Products

Introducing CGC Wipes. It is now possible to purchase only the wipe refill roll and reuse the same plastic packaging.  One liter of CGC Disinfectant is enough to supply up to 10 new rolls of disinfectant wipes.

You save money and the environment will thank you.

Beyond Sustainability

Let's talk about your health and the health of your employees and customers


26% of the population suffers from chemical sensitivity


Why not protect your employees and customers from airborne and surface toxins as much as possible if you have the power to choose a genuinely green and toxin-free disinfectant?

HOCl is produced in your body naturally by your white blood cells to fight infection and is just as effective as bleach at killing microbes without leaving harmful residues or toxins. 

HOCl is so natural and biologically beneficial that it is used in wound care to fight infections, reduce injuries and repair tissues at a cellular level.  HOCl is even used for preserving and cleaning organic vegetables and is an FDA approved food grade substance.